Two in the Kitchen- William Sonoma

Two in the Kitchen- William Sonoma

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The ultimate gift for newly married or engaged couples, Two in the Kitchen features a modern design, sprightly Illustrations, lush photography, and 150 recipes for every occasion—from breakfast and brunch to cocktail hour to weeknight dinners for two to dinner parties to holidays. “We both grew up in households in which family mealtime was sacred, and the rituals surrounding eating and drinking have continued to define and unite us. Cooking together is a way of reveling in each other and in our union. We hope that you will find the same bliss in the kitchen that we do.” — Christie & Jordan With an elegant design, colorful Illustrations, gorgeous photography, and a charismatic young couple, Jordan Mackay and Christie Dufault, writing friendly and helpful text, this Title looks and feels like a gift and is filled with classic recipes and resonant information for modern newlyweds.


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